Tap Tempo

Tap Tempo

When Tap Tempo is On:

You can enter the desired tempo in the Tempo Display box, draging or with the keyboard.

The input choice widget select the incoming signal:

GUI can be the computer keyboard key "G" or the mouse clicking on the "Tap" button.

MIDI signal is triggered each MIDI Note On message is incoming.

Jack Transport read the beats per minute at the jack start transport. (Note for jack maniacs: we don't synchronize nothing, we only read this value).

Successive tempo signals are displayed each time a signal is received and the Tempo parameter is updated on all the effects that has the "On" state. Tap Tempo has an automatic reset timeout, 8 seconds after the last signal. This need to be enabled in the window settings. Tap Tempo set all the effect Tempo parameters that has the state in "On" to the value read or generated.

The "Set" choice select how the Delay and LFO effect parameters will be updated, according to the preset and the Tempo.

TapTempo update the effects that has the "On" state but we have added the apply button that also update the Tempo in the effects, useful for example when you add a new effect, or you change the internal effect preset or you change the "Set" parameter.

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