MIDI Learn

MIDI Learn window

This is the MIDI Learn window, that brings the possibility to create a MIDI implementation table for each preset in the bank. You can see two browsers, one at the left with all the available effect parameters, and another at the right with all the presets in the Bank.

You can open this window clicking the rigth mouse over a effect parameter that can be controllable by MIDI. Also you can auto assign the incoming MIDI Control message "automagically" if you enbale on the settings.

The radio buttons "All" and "Current" select the parameters listed in the browser, "Current" display only the actual preset parameters availables in MIDI learn.

The most important thing here is the input box located below the parameter browser, here you can select the number of the MIDI Control Message, you can edit by hand, or selecting and dragging, or capturing an incoming MIDI message clicking on the Get MIDI Message button. When you have the desired control number you need to assign to the effect parameters, clicking on the button assign, this message will be engaged to the selected effect parameter on the browser.

You can "Assign" up to 20 effects parameter for a single control number message, also you can use different control messages to manage only one effect parameter.

The "Assign to All" add this single assignment to all the presets in the bank, preserving everything that you have previously assigned in all the presets, contrary to what is doing in the "Copy to All" button that overwrite all the assignments.

The grid boxes in the middle display the engaged MIDI control messages to the selected effect parameter on the browser, the Assignment for a single effect parameter can be cleared with the button "Clear Assignments", also you can clear all the assignments for this preset with the button Clear Preset".

In the left part of the window you have the list of presets in the working bank, you can copy from or to the selected preset, that copy all the preset table of a single preset.

The "Copy to All" button copy the actual preset to all the presets in the Bank.

The midi learn implementation tables is saved on the preset file for a single preset, and in a separate file in the case of the Banks, the program read this bank preset file when read the normal bank file.

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